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Specifically, for smart phones, the NFL can be viewed using the NFL mobile app on Verizon devices. There is a lot of NFL stuff that you can find using this service apart from the games there are also other features. In other kinds of smart phones, there is access to the NFL too but it is not as wide as that which you can get from Verizon. For instance, the live video feature or live streaming sports isn’t available on other providers so if you are looking forward to have access to this feature, you need the Verizon provider. Also, even though the amount of live streaming sports content available on the internet is substantial, there are some content not delivered live. For example, there are providers which offer delayed broadcast such as the ones that occurred during the Summer Olympics in 2008 and Winter Olympics in 2010. In big sporting events, the number of major events shown live is not that many but the minor events are usually present and streamed live. The high profile events are shown at a later time and it isn’t that bad since you get to see them anyway. In the same way, there are times when there are events that are signed exclusive for broadcast by only one provider so it is a case to case basis.